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Quick Look-Up Guide

Quick Look-Up Guide to Chatillon Mechanical and Digital Weighing Scales
Select the Chatillon Model for immediate access.

Current / Replacement Weighing Scales
Model Type
CCR Series Hanging Scale, Digital
Century Hanging Scale, 7-inch
4200 Series Hanging Scale, 9-inch
8200 Series Hanging Scale, 13-inch
BD Series Hanging Scale, Bulk
MD Series Hanging Scale, Milk
WH Series Hanging Scale, Warehouse
1300 Series Hanging Scale, Autopsy
Iron Clad Hanging Scale
Tabletop Series Top Loading Scale
PBB Series Portable Bench Beam Scale
IN Series Linear Scale
LP Series Push/Pull Scale
516 Series Push/Pull Scale
719 Series Push/Pull Scale
BP13 Series Bench Platform Scale
BP15 Series Bench Platform Scale
PDT Series Floor Platform Scale
HB Series Floor Platform Scale
TD5 Series Dynamometer
WT12 Series Dynamometer
CMA Series Crane Scale, Digital
CDR Series Crane Scale, Digital
CTR Series Crane Scale, Digital
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