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Chatillon Autopsy Scales Awarded Best Medical Scales 2016

Monday, May 2, 2016

With their use in hospitals, laboratories, research centers and universities all over the world, it came as no surprise that Chatillon 1300 Series Autopsy Scales were the preferred choice of the readers of in its annual Readers’ Choice Award for Medical Scales.

1300 Series Autopsy Scales feature the same classic design that characterizes the full line of Chatillon mechanical hanging scales. These scales are designed for the most demanding medical applications and can be used in any environment. They do not require a table to stand on or power to operate. Their temperature-compensated, dual-spring mechanism allows them to be used in hospitals and laboratories in any part of the world, regardless of humidity and work space restrictions.

The 1300 Series features a large, 13-inch double dial with chrome-plated housing. The dials are glass covered for protection as well as easy cleaning. One dials reads clockwise, the other counter clockwise. The dial features easy-to-read bold, black numbers with graduations and a  contrasting red pointer.  Two brass dashpots help eliminate pointer oscillation and ensure accurate, stable readings. A stainless steel pinion and bronze rack combination further ensures low friction performance, even in elevated temperatures.

The Chatillon 1300 Series Autopsy Scales are accurate to +/-0.05% and have a maximum overload of 120% of rated capacity and a tare capacity of 10% of dial reading. The autopsy scale comes in either 9 or 15 kg capacities. Full capacity is reached after three dial revolutions. 

The Chatillon 1300 Series Autopsy Scales include hanger and an optional bottom hook or a removable sanitary pan constructed of 300 Series stainless steel with or without drain holes per USDA specifications. The scales qualify as “Legal for Trade” in the United States and conform to NIST handbook H44 Class III. 

Along with the 1300 Series Autopsy Scales, AMETEK STC received a Readers’ Choice Award for its Erichsen 343 hydraulic force gauge in the Aircraft/Airport Scales category. Furthermore, AMETEK was recently recognized with a 2016 Biotechnology Award by Global Health & Pharma magazine as “Best Medical Measurement and Test Equipment Manufacturer.”