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We specialize in offering solutions that will enable you to quantify the quality of your products. We have vast experience in designing scales to create a custom appearance for use in differing applications such as markets, grocery stores, and other retail and commercial environments. 
  • Legal for Trade Scales
    Legal for Trade Scales

    Class III "Legal For Trade" models are sealable by local Weights & Measures jurisdictions for point of sale use. These scales are traditionally used in Markets and warehouses.

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  • Fish and Game Scales
    Fish and Game Scales

    The Chatillon IN Series is one of our most popular linear scales - and are ideal for weighing fish, testing your line or setting your drag.

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  • Crane Scales
    Crane Scales

    We have professional mechanical crane scales in our product line

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  • Agricultural Scales
    Agricultural Scales

    Farm products, banana bunches, slaughter houses, warehouses and many other applications can benefit from using our agricultural scales.

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  • Autopsy Scales
    Autopsy Scales

    Hospitals, laboratories, research centers and universities all over the world, use our award winning 1300 Series Autopsy Scales.

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  • Dolorimeters

    With our dolorimeters you can easily preform pain and nerve localized sensitivity test.

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  • Food Scales
    Food Scales

    Our prize-winning Century Series is one of the most popular food scales on the market.

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  • Warehouse Scales
    Warehouse Scales

    We have a wide selection of warehouse scales that are used in many functions at warehouses.

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