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HB Series Portable Beam Scales

HB Series Portable Beam Scales

The HB Series portable beam scale features a rugged cast-iron construction with corrosion-resistant loops, bearings and noise irons, making it ideal for industrial plants, warehouses and terminals.

The HB-1000 meets the requirements for Handbook 44 Class lll and is suitable for "Legal for Trade" applications.

The HB-1000 features a large 18 x 17-inch (457 x 685 mm) flatform. The graduated beam may be read from both sides. Graduations are black on a matte background. Weight is read from the center of poise. Wheels enable you to move the scale to different locations.

Features & Benefits
• H44 Class lll "Legal for Trade"
• Avoirdupois and Metric Dials
• Rugged Industrial Construction - Cast iron base, platform, levers and wheels
   - Corrosion resistant loops, bearings and nose irons
   - Self-aligning bearing sat all for pivots and at beam fulcrum
• Beam graduations on both sides
• Large 18" x 27" (457mm xs 685mm) platform
• 1 Year Warranty