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PBB Series Portable Beam Scales

PBB Series Portable Bench Platform Scales

The PBB Series portable bench beam scales are ideal for laboratory, industrial, educational or commercial use.

Constructed of steel and cast aluminum, PBB scales feature adjustable, hardened-steel pivots and self-aligning steel bearings for lasting accuracy. Built-in platform and steel locking mechanisms help ensure safe and secure operation and transportability. Models are available in metric and avoirdupois units of measure with mirrored balance indicators and easy-to-read graduations. Avoirdupois models may be read in either ounce or decimal pounds. An additional sliding poise permits blank taring up to 10 lbs. Metric models have a 2 kg tare capability on a secondary poise.

The platform measures 12 x 17-inches (305 x 432 mm). The bottom left or right beam sections may be used as a measured tare bar. H44 Class lll "Legal for Trade" models are available.

Features & Benefits
• Avoirdupois and Metric Models
• Available as H44 Class lll "Legal for Trade"
• Full Capacity Beam Construction with Sliding Attached Poise - No Loose Weights
• Sturdy Construction - Steel Housing with Floating Platform
   - Platform and Beam Locking Mechanism Prevents Damage
• Notched Beam for Fast, Easy Reading - Mirrored Balance Indicators
• Built-in Carrying Case
• Adjustable Legs with Bubble Level Indicator
• 1 Year Warranty